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The Reasons Bung Karno Banned Freemasonry

The President of the United States has always sided with Israel

Yemenis show damaged Israeli and American flags on fire during an anti-Israel rally in Sanaa, Yemen, (4/7/2023)
Yemenis show damaged Israeli and American flags on fire during an anti-Israel rally in Sanaa, Yemen, (4/7/2023)

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, JAKARTA— U.S. support for Israel has been ongoing since the country was founded by Britain, supported by the United States and the United Nations. One example of a case that illustrates this reality is the event that took place 1947, when there was a tug of birth of the state of Israel.

At that time, the President of the United States was Harry S. Truman. He gave a scant statement in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people. In fact, through one White House official came a statement urging the United States not to forget and support the struggle of the Palestinian people.

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Just waiting for a matter of hours, the entire Jewish labor network launched a protest against the White House. In fact, they threatened to do something to get Truman overthrown in the upcoming United States Presidential election.

And, only then do all the decisions change. Harry S. Truman of the Democratic Party changed the course of U.S. government policy 180 degrees, becoming strongly in favor of the founding of the state of Israel, which was immediately welcomed by Jews around the world.


This support received a visit from a Jewish rabbinical leader who declared to Truman, “The Lord has placed you in your mother's womb, that you may be a tool to revive Israel after 2,000 years ago,” the rabbi said.

On the day of the Presidential Election, Harry S. Truman captured 74 percent of the vote of the Jewish community in the United States. Again pointing out that thanks to the Israeli lobby delivered him a seat on the throne of the United States.

So do not be surprised, if an Israeli Prime Minister has such full power over the presidents of the United States in taking decisions related to Israel-Palestine and even Middle East issues. Until now, we will have no trouble discovering that the United States is indeed a slave to Israel.

Every leader of the United States is under the International Freemasonry of Jewish shadow organizations that exist around the world, including in Indonesia which was once banned during Soekarno's reign.

In a decree of February 27, 1961, arguing that this organization had bases and sources from outside Indonesia that did not correspond to the personality of the nation.

Therefore, it is no wonder that President Bush is all-out defending Israel. As in the Iranian nuclear issue, this superpower is not being fair. Israel which also has nukes is not gubris at all.

It is not Bush alone who behaves this way almost the entire United States of America behaves the same.Just look at the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. Instead of alerting Israel to an increasingly brutal attack, Bush promised to increase Israel's supply of weapons.

It shows not just the moral support given by the United States government for Israel. More real forms of defense, military, and economic relations flow unstoppably into Israel.

United States aid to Israel siphons up 16 percent of total United States aid to the rest of the world. 

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