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Vice President: Digitalization Process of Waqf Must Be Continued

Vice President encourages improvement of waqf.

Rep: Fauziah Mursyid / Red: Erdy Nasrul
Vice President KH Maruf Amin pushes for improvement of waqaf governance
Foto: Setwapres RI
Vice President KH Maruf Amin pushes for improvement of waqaf governance

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA— KH Vice President Ma'ruf Amin emphasized management transformation to the top agenda in efforts to reform the national waqf. One of them is through the utilization of technology in the management of waqf.

“The process of digitizing national representation must continue to be developed. The One Waqf Indonesia Platform has been launched, so that it can be integrated with the Waqf Information System (SIWAK) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, as well as the systems of the Ministry of ATR/BPN and other related institutions,” Kiai Ma'ruf said at the opening of the National Coordination Meeting of the Indonesian Waqaf Agency (BWI) on Monday (4/12/2023).

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Wapres hopes that through this Platform it is hoped that it will be able to become a digital vehicle that further accelerates the development of productive waqf in Indonesia. Including for ministers and business managers to be encouraged to actively collaborate, both in terms of funding and the implementation of various other productive waqf programs.

In addition, the Vice President said, all stakeholders involved also need to be encouraged to be more solid and synergistic, unifying steps for better management of waqf in the homeland.


The move, the Prime Minister said, is in line with the development of representatives in the country, which is showing positive progress. According to him, the dominant waqf is social, now the waqf has transformed into more productive forms of management and supports community empowerment.

The Vice President said that many beneficiaries of social programs, education, health, as well as economic empowerment and small micro-enterprises have felt the support and benefits directly from the management of productive waqf

“Waqf awareness is also greatly enhanced. If it was originally owned only by the older generation, it is now beginning to shift to the younger generation, across professions and social structures, thanks, among other things, to the emergence of a variety of productive waqf instruments,” he said.

In addition, the stakeholders of the waqf are also becoming wider, not only being the task area of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Indonesian Waqaf Agency, but also involving many Ministries/Institutions to the sharia banking industry.

From the side of the waqf or nazir managers, awareness of the importance of professionalism, competence, and good governance also continues to grow. Likewise with attention to the importance of the utilization of technology in the management of waqf.

“I consider that the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Indonesian Waqf Agency, as the main stakeholders of the national representation, should hurry to optimize the transformative efforts that have been carried out,” he said.

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