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Iran Represents Jihad Against Israel Collonialism

Iran carried out drone strikes on Israel.

Rep: Muhyiddin/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Iranian society celebrates drone attack on Israel.
Iranian society celebrates drone attack on Israel.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Chairman of the Indonesian Clerical Assembly (MUI) for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation, Prof. Sudarnoto Abdul Hakim, thanked Iran for representing the Palestinian jihad and launching a retaliatory attack against Israel on Saturday (13/4/2024) yesterday. Because Israel has become more and more aggressive in oppressing the Palestinian people.

“Thank you Iran, for representing the Palestinian jihad and the jihad against Israel,” Sudarnoto said when contacted by, Sunday (14/4/2024).

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This Middle East observer said that since October 2023, Israel's demise has been a reality. Visibly, he said, U.S.-backed Israeli Zionists have committed international violations, annihilated the Palestinians, committed massive genocide and sought to create a new Palestine.

“This incident has further upset Israel morally and politically, especially since Israel destroyed the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, Syria a few days ago,” Sudarnoto said.

He said Iran's serious anger at the actions of Israel's Zionist government had already been demonstrated by carrying out drone and drone strikes on the Tel Aviv area. Previously, he said, Iran had actually tried to be patient with no direct attacks on the killings of Palestinians and Iranian officials.

But, he added, the destruction of the Iranian Consulate in Damascus that killed Iranian revolutionary guard adviser Sayyed Razi Mousavi has prompted Iran to take measured steps.

According to him, this Iranian attack was “retaliation” or retaliation for Israel's brutal April 1, 2024 attack on its diplomatic facilities in Damascus, Syria. “The Iranian government's official stance or explanation for this retaliatory attack has been presented. For Iran, this step needs to be taken to reemphasize its adherence to the principles and objectives of the United Nations and international law,” Sudarnoto said.

In addition, according to him, Iran wants to demonstrate its firm determination to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national interests that Israel has so markedly undermined. Therefore, this Iranian attitude, sparing him, is understandable as a patriotic gesture because it carries out a defense of sovereignty protected by law.

“The efforts of any country that opposes, let alone denounce, Iran's actions as an act of terror, as demonstrated by the United States, is an unaccountable attitude,” he said.

It should, according to him, America and its partner countries decisively stop Israel's genocide of the Palestinians and withdraw permanently the IDF.

He explained that without Iran carrying out an attack, Israel is already a common enemy globally. Therefore, Iran's chances of gaining global public support are considerable, because the public actually wants Israel to be taught a more effective lesson in all its extraordinary crimes.

Furthermore, Sudarnoto explained, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the UN Honorary Council (DK) hearings have already been conducted. But, he said it takes a more effective step of stopping israel from committing genocide in palestine and excaling attacks to nowhere.

Therefore, according to Sudarnoto, the Iranian attack is actually a stern warning to Israel and the United States, which are already showing signs of falling apart morally, politically, and even diplomatically.

“If Israel and America won't listen, then military degradation will be visible. Iran has many friends and gives its support,” Sudarnoto said.

He also appealed to Muslims in particular not to be affected by the efforts of any party that continuously antagonizes and antagonizes Sunni Shi'ites, and factions in Paslestina. What Iran is doing, he added, needs to be used as momentum to consolidate itself so as to stand up to Israel's common enemy.

“Especially for the people and people of Indonesia, I also reiterate MUI's stance so far that Muslims, Indonesians and the international community continue to give full support to Palestinian independence and sovereignty. This has been an important source of world peace,” Sudarnoto said.

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